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We design beautiful user experiences. Our approach is grounded in research, and we believe that the people who will use the things we design should be involved from the very beginning.

We work on problems that are complex, and that often don’t have easy answers. Our experience is in working in finance, telecommunications, science, government and in international development.

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Helix Logo

Helix Collective is a unique combination of highly skilled and experienced engineers, providing a ready-made team of the world’s best developers for companies in need. We assist both well-established companies and bootstrap tech startups. Our skill-set and experience encompasses an enormous breadth of technologies, and we enjoy tackling new challenges at every opportunity.

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Veyor Digital

Building the digital conveyer belt for the construction industry

My Emergency Dr

A 24/7 medical service connecting patients anywhere in Australia to Specialist Emergency Doctors

Building amazing products with amazing companies.

We partner with innovators, whether they're venture capital backed startups or Fortune 500 global corporations, to achieve extraordinary results.